Growing up Too Fast.

Okay. So as I have started typing, I have also started to tear up a little bit. As reality is hitting me more and more each day, I am coming to terms with the fact that one: I am having another baby and it's sneaking up on me VERY quickly. And two: Landon is growing up way too fast. I am so excited for this next baby and I am ready to see the wonderful relationship that God has in store for Landon and his brother/sister. I also am very emotional to know that it won't just be Landon anymore. He has been our little man for almost two years now and I just can't believe how much he has changed and how much he we have changed because of him. He is such an amazing little boy and we are so blessed to have him as our son. I am really trying to take in all of the new things he does; there is something every single day. As I was looking for pictures to post in this blog, I got to looking through older pictures of Landon. I thought I would post some just for fun to see how much he has changed. I just couldn't help going through all of the pictures that represent the life of Landon and how much he has grown and see the joy he has brought us. I am so thankful that God will soon bless us with another child to fill our life and complete us as a family. At the end of the pictures of Landon growing up, I've posted a few of Landon's new milestones as a toddler and a big boy. He has been drinking out of a regular cup for the past week or so. It has been challenging, but seeing that he is attatched to sippy cups more than I would like him to be, we have since decided to move to a regular cup. He has his moments where he REALLY doesn't want to use one, but he is learning that if he doesn't drink out of that cup, he can grow quite thirsty and he gives in and uses it. He has also been sitting at the table with Chris and I because he is just too big for his highchair and...well to be honest, he hates his highchair and it's not worth the fight. He has been doing a great job, we just now have to work on staying in our seat when it's meal time. Enjoy ALL of the pics and I will post again very soon. Hopefully of pictures of Jessica's baby (my sister-in-law and Chris' step-sister). She has the baby tomorrow and we are all very excited to meet her. Have a great rest of the week.


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