House for sale.

Today it's official. Our house is for sale. We are staying here in Bloomington as it seems a part of our hearts are here in this town. We just can't seem to pull ourselves away. We love how diverse Bloomington is and how much it has to offer when it comes to education and culture. We have our eye on a house and I will go into more detail when I feel the time is right. But for now, we are going to focus on keeping the house clean and ready to show at a drop of a hat. We have done this with two other properties in the past. The only ONE difference this time around and his name is QUIN! Boy oh boy is it going to be tricky to keep up with what I need to with my little Quiness the Menace around. We have really worked hard at making sure that everything has a place when it's time to straighten up. But when it comes to actually cleaning....I'll get back to you on that. I have to say, I'm not really sad in anyway about moving like I was when we moved from our house in Fort Wayne. We were in love with that house and it was the first house we bought together. The last two houses were just temporary and have always felt that way. This next house is a house we plan on being in for a very long time. We are aware that life changes and things happen and in the long term, it may not work out that we are in this house as long as we plan. But we are comfortable in seeing our lives in this house for as long as it works for our family. Here's to a smooth and quick sale of our house! (I couldn't figure out how to insert a link through blogger so sorry for the very long web address.)

If you click on the picture of the house it will open up more pictures of the house. Thought they turned out pretty nice!


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