House Sold...

Well, short story short...We sold the house. We put the house on the market Monday February 10th, by 5:00 that evening we got our first call for a showing the very next day. By 8:00 that evening we got a call for a second showing the following day. Tuesday, we showed the house both scheduled times and by 3:30 that afternoon I got a call that there was a realtor in our driveway wanting to show the house. In fact, they informed me that she wanted immediate access and she didn't care about the condition. I told them alright and that I needed at least a couple minutes to get my kids in the car. I figured, the house was already clean from the other two showings, what could it hurt. We frantically got in the car and waived to the realtor as we passed them. That evening I got a request to show the house for a second showing the following day Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon following the showing, we received and offer on the house! Less than 48 hours on the market and we got an offer on our house! We counter offered. Before we got a response from the counter offer, we got a request for a second showing for that Friday. They were informed that we had an offer on the house. Next thing I know, our realtor is calling us informing us that we now have a second offer on the table and it was for more than list price! We pulled our counter offer off the table and accepted the second offer. We just couldn't pass up the opportunity and it turned out to be a blessing for us. We just couldn't believe all the activity on the house. We then had a showing on Thursday and two scheduled for Saturday. The market in Bloomington, and other cities as I understand, is a sellers market. There just aren't many houses for sale right now in the price range that we were selling our house. So, what was happening was the same people were all looking at the same houses and it pretty much was a free for all when it comes to who wants a house more. We didn't even have time to have an Open House which was scheduled for this past Sunday. We decided to not put it in the paper as it would have been pretty tacky to have an Open House with an accepted offer on the house. Sunday came around and at about 1:15, the doorbell rang. Chris answered and it was a nice couple asking if there was an Open House today? Chris informed them that there was going to be one but that we had already gotten an offer and we decided to cancel. We understood that it was not posted in the paper that we were having an Open House so we had no idea how they even knew we were planning on having one. (somehow the information on the Open House didn't get pulled off the internet). Chris asked and they told him that it was on home They went on their way and as soon as we shut the door, the door bell rang again. Chris answered and they asked if there was an Open House today, he informed them as well that there was a miscommunication and that it had been cancelled and why. The husband of the couple went as far as to ask what the offer was that we accepted! Almost as if he was about to make an offer himself...and he hadn't even been in the house yet. Now, I will tell you if you don't know, our house is nothing fancy or to brag about. It seriously is just a cookie cutter neighborhood and the street over, there are four houses exactly like ours. It just proved to us how little there was out there for sale. We sent that couple on their way and before we could shut the door, two cars pulled in the driveway looking for an Open House...we finally decided to put a sign on the door but before we did, there were a good 7 people that we answered the door to expecting an Open House. It was kind of funny and we got a good chuckle out of it. With all this said, as of right now we will be closing on OUR new house around mid April and we will be closing on the house we sold May 1st. Stay tuned for pics of the new house and the story behind it. Until then... (phew...I'm just as exhausted as I was last week just retelling all of this. it was a very CRAZY week)


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