spent my day with a monster...

well, I DID get to spend my day with a monster. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed and a second set of ear tubes put in. this has been a very looooooooong day and i'm going to plan on it being a looooooooong night. the positive to this surgery is that because of his age, we are staying over night in the hospital so they are monitoring him closely. he is pretty miserable but it's quiet misery. he doesn't want anyone to look at him or talk to him or ask him questions. he just wants it to be quiet and still. i'm okay with that. much easier than him screaming and crying in pain. I know he's in pain now, but he is resting rather well. it's also much easier than having him bounce right back and trying to convince him that he has to rest. thank goodness rest is all he wants to do. it's sad seeing him feel so horrible, but i am getting lots of snuggle time. i'm dry heaving as i cuddle, but i'm cuddling nonetheless. if you have had a child go through this surgery, there is one thing you do NOT forget and that is the smell of their breath. it's so, so, so, so terrible. he has been such a trooper and the staff have given compliment after compliment of how much he has tolerated for his age. we also got a few good laughs when they gave him a little medicine before the surgery to help him relax. he was SO funny. such a little comedian. the only time he has smiled after the surgery was when landon walked in the room for a short visit. quin was so happy (for about 30 seconds). but i think it made landon's day...and quin's too. i know this will all be worth it in the long run for his health.


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