the monster is home...

we got home yesterday morning about 11:00. it seemed like it took forever to be discharged! But we finally were on our way and Quin was able to leave in style.
Quin was SO good in the hospital. they just kept saying over and over how much he tolerated and how great he was taking his meds. after a horrible nights sleep Monday night into Tuesday, quin took a two hour nap shortly after we got home yesterday. when we left the hospital, quin was pretty spunky and talked all the way home. but after his nap, you could tell that he wasn't feeling too good. he slept all night last night except when we woke him for his meds. he was not happy and we really had to convince him to take them or he would feel horrible when he woke up. he took a three hour nap today and has had a better appetite and has played but when he has done too much he literally just plops himself on the floor wherever he is playing. it's kind of funny. here's to hoping the next couple days continue to go up. I can already tell a difference in him and know this was all worth it!
Alexa and Landon made Quin cards for when he got home. It was really sweet and I have to share landon's card. it is pretty funny and it's something I will keep FOREVER!


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